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“If artistry is making rough things beautiful,
Rudi Monterroso is an artist in the truest form.”

“Rudi Monterroso sees beauty
and light in everything he crafts”

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Rudi Monterroso grew up in war-ridden Guatemala before moving to the United States in 1992.  After practicing art and dancing for many years, Rudi decided to go back to his love as a kid:  building with nature.

“I started to make shelters with branches and mud to play with my friends — imagining a beautiful and safe place where no one could get in to hurt us.” – Rudi

Each playhouse is made with recycled materials and findings from local antique stores.  Every creation is completely unique.

What Our Customers Say

Rudi was a joy to work with and is passionate about his creations. It's a no brainer to support this artist rather than finding a generic big box store play house.
Catherine B.
Rudi made an amazing, beautiful treehouse for my kids. The love playing in it and decorating it. There's even a slide. It has been a magical addition to their childhood.
Sylvia L.
Rudi is an inspiring artist and has a caring heart. We are very pleased with the craftsmanship and his work ethic. Thanks Rudi for all the future memories the kids will take with them.
Christi H.
Both my husband and I have fond memories of our own playhouses growing up. When we serendipitously met Rudi and saw his wonderful creations, we knew we had to keep the legacy going and outfit our own two children with a playhouse. What sold us most was Rudi's love and passion for his work. The story of why he chose to create these playhouses was inspiring, and as he showed us the different options, his eyes lit up and the pride he took in his work was evident, as well as warranted! These playhouses are incredibly solid and well-built. I love the attention to detail he put into each piece. And best of all, when he helped us place the playhouse in our backyard, he made sure it was positioned properly and level. It is not going anywhere! We easily could have gone out and purchased a playhouse from some big box store, but instead, we opted to invest in something more. We invested in creativity, artistic expression, imagination, childhood, storytelling, and play! Thank you, Rudi! Blakelee M


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Rudi does nearly everything!  Check out his personal website to view more paintings, sculptures, murals, and other outdoor art.


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